A bucket list are activities we’d like to do before we die. Everyone has a bucket list, even if it isn’t written down. Don’t you catch yourself saying things like “one day I’d like to…” or “before I die, I’m going to…”? How will you fund those adventures if you aren’t planning for them?

Frequently people view financial advising as retirement planning, which it is, but it’s not only that. Planning for big trips, renovations on the home, large purchases, or paying for the family to go on a cruise are all financial advising topics!

Let’s talk about creating an actual bucket list.

Brainstorm Ideas

During this phase I want you to write down all those things you have always wanted to do but haven’t. Think about your passions, hobbies, and anything that make you happy. They don’t all have to be expensive endeavors, it could be trying sushi or going camping, but get them down on a piece of paper so you remember to do them. This list could be 15 items or 100, don’t limit yourself.

Prioritize Your Ideas

Alright, you have a list, now it is time to organize them by how important they are to you. What on that list do you have to do or you’ll feel you’ve cheated yourself? What would you possibly regret not doing now in ten years?

Set Attainable Goals

We all dream big, especially when we are young, but we need to make sure our goals are achievable or we might give up on our bucket list before we even get started! You’ve got to be realistic in your goal setting, not only financially, but time-wise also. If you’ve always dreamt of living in a mansion and you don’t have those funds available, you probably won’t own a mansion…. maybe you can rent out a mansion for a weekend with the family!

Create a Timeline

This step will help you really get started on your bucket list journey. You need to decide when you want to accomplish each item by. You can work on completing some of the smaller events while preparing for a larger one as well, it doesn’t have to go in order! If you’re preparing for a golf trip to Ireland in six months, but a friend talks about going skydiving next month (and that is on your bucket list) who says you have to wait?

Take Action

Start working on your list like it is a honey-do-list, only with this list you’ll be upset if you don’t complete the tasks, not your significant other! Celebrate your accomplishments along the way, and stay focused.

Get out there and complete your bucket list before it is too late!

Schedule a time with Dave or me if you have any questions or concerns!