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People haven’t been this negative about the economy & investing since 2010.

by Dave Conley on September 30, 2022.

Just like we do not know when we are in a recession (until after it has started), the markets begin their recovery in the midst of bad news. It is critical top your wealth to understand this fact: the markets (stocks & bonds) typically reflect where the economy is headed in 3-6 months from today. If you wait for the news to tell you the markets have recovered, the economy has turned around you probably missed out on a good portion of the initial recovery.

What are you afraid of ?

by Dave Conley on September 23, 2022.

Most of us make the same mistake with our money over and over: We buy high (when the economy and markets are up) out of greed and sell low (when the economy and markets are down) out of fear, despite knowing on an intellectual level that it is a very bad idea.

I Don’t Want to Lose Money! What Does that Mean?

by Dave Conley on September 1, 2022.

$10,000 is still $10,000 = Capital Preservation $10,000 still buys what it did = Purchasing Power Preservation The distinction is vital to your long-term wealth! Not a month goes by that we do not have a call where someone inquires about investing and includes the phrase, “but I don’t want to lose my money“. The...

Enjoying the Fruit of your Labor

by Michelle McEachin on August 30, 2022.

We all work hard. Some of us work four 10-hour days. Some work five 8-hour days. Some choose to work 12-hour days all the time. But whatever you do… you put in labor and expect a fair return for your effort. You use that return to plan, budget, and live life to the fullest.  Back...

Budgeting Can be Simple

by Randy Chalmers on August 19, 2022.

Do you budget? Do you stick to that budget? Are you constantly over-spending, under-saving, and using your credit card to cover expenses, leaving you with less money for next month? You might need to review Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips! 1. Write down your income 2. List your expenses 3. Subtract expenses from income to equal...

Responsible Shopping

by Michelle McEachin on August 19, 2022.

Have you ever bought something and then felt regret? You most likely thoughtyou just had to have it! It was displayed or presented in such a way that itcaught your eye! Maybe someone knocked on your door and asked if they couldclean your carpet for you. By the time they finished cleaning up that redKool-Aid...

Are you Financially Healthy?

by Michelle McEachin on August 12, 2022.

Since you are a client of MFG… we have no doubt that you are on top of the world and living the dream. But perhaps you were ever so slightly derailed due to summer and those wonderful vacay vibes. If so, this is for you. If you’re feeling guilt or shame over your loose purse...

Where is your Emergency Fund?

by Randy Chalmers on August 12, 2022.

Dave Ramsey’s third Baby Step is to fully fund an emergency fund to cover your family for a three to six-month period. Have you completed this step? If so, have you paid any mind to that account since funding completion? We often get calls asking if clients should invest their emergency funds, in short, no,...

Should I Invest if I can only Spare $20 a week?

by Randy Chalmers on August 5, 2022.

This is a very common question among those contemplating starting their investment journey. They wonder if their $20 a week would amount to anything and if they should wait until they can invest $50 or $100 a week. Let’s look at the numbers. The minimum investment required for a balanced fund is as little as...

Preparing for…Christmas?

by Michelle McEachin on August 5, 2022.

Last week, I talked about going back to school and now this week I’m going to talk about Christmas. Yes, you read that correctly. I said Christmas. Did you know that the average family spends over $1,000 on gifts for Christmas? This does not even include parties, food, travel, and lodging. If you aren’t careful,...