Many of you have kids at home and are about to face… Back to School! Like me, you are looking for value everywhere, and let’s face it, this year we need all the value we can find!

No matter your list, a bit of prioritizing, budgeting, and thoughtfulness will stretch your dollars far and wide. Here are some ideas to help you do that!

  1. Create your list and put it in order by importance. Chances are, some of your items can be purchased next month. Or even the month after that.
  2. Decide on your budget. Whatever you’ve allocated to spend… go ahead, but be careful to stick to your plan!
  3. Before you shop for clothes and shoes, take an inventory of what still works. Purchase some things now, then more next month. Don’t worry – there will be more sales. Stretch the purchases over a few months to help alleviate the pinch.
  4. Don’t bypass the dollar stores. While some things like Crayola crayons can’t be substituted (in my opinion!) … there are certainly other great finds at excellent prices at your local discount store.
  5. Take advantage of your states tax free weekend! Both GA and NC have theirs this weekend and SC’s is on August 5-7.
  6. Clip your savings from the paper or in digital couponing sites like Honey or Dosh.
  7. Download apps to stores too. Many times, there are deals and coupons waiting for you.

Taking time to plan, will alleviate much of the stress that can surround “Back to School,” and will help you have peace of mind.

Please know, MFG hopes your kids have a great 2022-2023 school year. May they have fond memories of this year… for many years to come!