It is finally cooling down, and with the cooler temperatures comes the desire for a nice, hot, beverage. The easiest way to acquire these seemingly magical drinks is to run by the drive-through of your favorite coffee shop.

Did you know the average cup of coffee has risen to $4.90?!

You don’t have to stop going, but maybe you could reduce your frequency.

K-Cups are obviously more expensive than a bag of ground coffee, however, a box of 10 K-Cups at Publix will run you around $10, brand depending, meaning you could be paying 1/5 the price of grabbing a cup at the store.

Another natural reaction to the changing weather is to change our wardrobe. A pitfall I know I run into, and you might as well, is I think of all the new clothes I could buy; but don’t forget to take out those boxes from years past. You most likely won’t remember every sweater or jacket you own, plus finding a long-forgotten hoodie is better than buying a new one in a slightly different shade!

Did you know that fall is the most popular time for garage sales? The cooler temperatures allow for longer days outside and a lot of people want to declutter before they accumulate more stuff this winter.

So why not get rid of some of those items you’ve been storing for “someday”? As a bonus, you can save a lot of money going to other garage sales using the funds you raised from yours!

Buying generic brands is often associated with groceries, and it isn’t always feasible for some people, we like things how we like them, right? But shopping for generic does not always mean food, if you compare the price of items like napkins, cleaners, trash bags, etc. you will find you can save a fair amount on those necessities as well.


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