Have you ever bought something and then felt regret? You most likely thought
you just had to have it! It was displayed or presented in such a way that it
caught your eye! Maybe someone knocked on your door and asked if they could
clean your carpet for you. By the time they finished cleaning up that red
Kool-Aid stain from under a floor plant that you had strategically placed over
it… you were then suckered into buying that super expensive machine they were
pedaling!  I think we’ve all been there.

To avoid going there, it’s helpful to be aware of your triggers. You need to identify and then recognize your weaknesses when it comes to spending. You also need to respect the boundary of your budget!

So, what happens when you’ve spotted it? You want it. Maybe even need it. Regardless, the next question to ask yourself is if you can afford it. And that means… do you have the cash and is it in the budget? If you decide that you can afford it, then the next responsible thing to do, is comparison shop. Especially, if it’s a more expensive item. Does another store have it? Do they charge less? Is there a generic brand available that is just as good?

If the object of your affection has passed all these checkpoints… and you still want to bring it home with you… consider if now, is the best time to buy it. Maybe it would be better to wait for a bit. Sometimes waiting 72 hours or more will either cause you to lose interest or allow you to benefit from the item going on sale! I know it’s hard to say no and deny yourself. Believe me, I know. It’s even more difficult to say no and deny your children! But, sometimes, saying no, and being “weird”, is exactly what we need to do!