Do you budget? Do you stick to that budget? Are you constantly over-spending, under-saving, and using your credit card to cover expenses, leaving you with less money for next month?

You might need to review Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips!

1. Write down your income

2. List your expenses

3. Subtract expenses from income to equal zero

4. Track your spending1

1 (Dave’s Budgeting Steps.)

Step 3 DOES NOT mean your monthly expenses should be 100% of your income. What it does mean is you should budget for everything that you will buy that month, everything from groceries, gas, date nights, and yes, even those quick trips to Crumbl.
If you are over or under $0 once your budget is complete you need to re-examine your expenses. You will need to either increase the budgeted amounts for certain items or postpone some spending until the next month. Seems like such a short step-by-step guide for something so important, doesn’t it? Sometimes simple concepts just need to be brought to our attention, they don’t always need to be complicated to be effective.