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Work with a Trusted, Local Advisor

Get a Roadmap to Reach Big Goals

Find Peace in the Plan

Your Future Deserves a Plan.

Because your goals are too important to leave to chance.

You wouldn't go on vacation without first planning the trip. You know where you're going, where you'll stay, and what you'll see and do before ever leaving home. 

Many hours go into deciding how to spend a few weeks each year, yet we often treat our entire financial future as if everything will somehow work out. This optimism and blind hope falls apart when you think about exactly how you will…

  • Retire with confidence 
  • Help a child through college
  • Support your aging parents
  • Get rid of burdensome debt 

…Or achieve any other significant financial goal. 

At Masters Financial Group, we believe you should be able to enjoy today while having peace and confidence about your future.

Certified. Experienced.

Financial Services for Every Step of Your Journey

Whether you want to eliminate debt, save for retirement, or leave a legacy, our experienced advisors can help.

Financial Planning

Financial Coaching

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning & Preparation

Our Clients Look a Lot Like You

We've helped hundreds of Upstate families reach their financial goals. We often serve people like these:

  • A couple in their 50s who dream of retiring early
  • A young family that wants to proactively save for a child's education
  • A 60-year-old man who fears he is too far behind to ever retire
  • A newly-wed couple that wants to eliminate debt and start investing

Whether you're building your nest egg or just trying to make ends meet, we have an advisor for you. It doesn't matter where you are now. We'll help you get where you want to be.

Your Journey to Financial Peace Starts Here

1. Talk to an Advisor

Schedule an introductory call to determine if we're a good fit. Then we'll meet in-person to prepare a Financial Snapshot — giving you a clear picture of your financial state and your next steps.

2. Get a Financial Plan

Your advisor will create a roadmap for reaching your goals while enjoying your life. Our team can advise you on investing, insurance, estate planning, tax planning, and more.

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Financial peace isn't for tomorrow. You can have it today! By partnering with a trusted advisor and following a proven plan, you can rest easy knowing your future is on the right track.

Your Partner in Finding Financial Freedom

Trusted by Dave Ramsey and Hundreds of Upstate Families

Masters Financial Group has been serving South Carolinians since 1994. Our diverse team of experts offers clients comprehensive financial planning services — from investing to protecting, eliminating debt to building wealth, tax planning to estate planning.

You don't have to live with anxiety about your future. Talk to an advisor who can help you find peace in a plan. 

Our Promise to You

We'll give first.

The first conversations you have with our team will be incredibly valuable and completely free. In addition to our time and insight, you'll receive a Financial Snapshot (a $500 value) that outlines your current position and trajectory toward reaching your goals.

We'll listen first.

You need an advisor that understands more than money. You need an advisor that understands you. That's why we're deeply committed to asking questions and listening well. We want to know your unique story, situation, and dreams before offering guidance.

We'll put you first.

We always have our clients' best interest in mind. Any investments, insurance products, or next steps we recommend will be carefully chosen to fit your individual needs and goals. And we'll never pressure you to make a quick decision.

Try Our Free Financial Discovery Tool!

Answer a few questions, and we'll calculate your free Financial Health Score. You'll see our Planning Discovery tool, with a personalized list of ideas for how a plan could help improve your score!

We created this tool to give our clients a jumpstart to learning about their finances, and how to improve them. This is just a sample of the comprehensive action plans we prepare for our full-time clients. We hope you find it helpful!